The Last Page

A year. A day. A second. Each seems to pass with a sense of feral ferocity, clawing at the foundation of life itself. The snow melts away, the rocks shift and break, nothing escapes the trials of time. I have seen this road years ago but different now it seems, different now I seem. Some … Continue reading The Last Page


Mysterious Oppressor

What does unsettle my soul? Anger? As the stone sinks into the murky deep, so does my mind fall into the depths of this unknown. The shadows suffocate my lungs, my senses restrained by the blackness. A hand not my own, a blur not of myself. My strings are cut and downward I fall. A … Continue reading Mysterious Oppressor

Biblically Sound Ministry

Whether you are a Christian or not, the words “conservative” and “liberal” are more than likely familiar to you. However, for Christians-especially ones who have gone church hopping before-have seen those words used not just to describe political stances but religious stances as well. Conservative churches are usually characterized as following tradition which often entails … Continue reading Biblically Sound Ministry