The Sorrows of the Sower

Am I upon the rocks and the thorns? Do the birds flock to devour my speech? Or have I been cursed, withered away like the fig? Oh to be a sower amongst these weeds, my toil to be amongst the thorns and bristles. The curse of the first passed into a curse on me. Woe … Continue reading The Sorrows of the Sower

Valley of Craters

My arm twists out from my broken form; my legs, in pieces, grind across the shattered earth below. Lifting my buried head, the dust not yet settled, a haze of darkness covers my view. “Not again!” I cry out in frustration, “not again” I weep in sorrow. From sky to earth, from glory to shame, … Continue reading Valley of Craters


Of the redeemed, I raise my head. From the pits of Hades I was taken and raised anew. To recount the blessings of the Lord, my song will never end. A fool enlightened, a pauper valued, an enemy loved, a rebel forgiven: with nothing I bring and with everything He came. In sorrow I wept, … Continue reading Song


Of foolish things my mind wanders, the goal within mist it hides. Yearning for truth yet yearning for sin, my heart divided will fall. Too easily my fortress besieged, till no life within my walls contain. I groan forth a calling my heart alone can never obtain. Cement my soul in truth I must, reforge … Continue reading Fortress